Strange things these be!

It’s true if you stop and think about it, someone who takes the time to help on the way, that’s what a ‘Mentor’ is or are they?

Think about the great movies, and the role that the ‘Mentor’ plays in them, I’m thinking of Yoda in Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi (or Old Ben Kenobi as we’re introduced to him in the very first movie made, ‘Star Wars, a new hope’) or Mr Kiysaki in ‘The Karate Kid’ and you get some ‘old guy’ (or in Yoda’s case a very old Alien) showing up to help out a young and pretty inexperienced kid get out of a huge jam they’re in, is that a pretty accurate picture?

But things aren’t always that way with the real one, see, we all use ‘mentors’ in some way or form, the fact is, most of the time we just don’t know we’re using them!



(A Very good life Mentor)

“What is a Mentor?”

Ever asked that question?

They’re sort of guides, guides for life in general, and also they can be guides for specific things.

Ever asked a buddy how you do something? Like how you fix the damn car that won’t start, or could they show you how to cook up that amazing breakfast you just had?

They roll up their sleeves, and away you go, learning what you just asked about, then a few weeks later, they’re asking how you’re going with the ‘new skill’  checking in, seeing what the progress is like, they’re not much further ahead in that skill than you are, but guess what, you’re both learning, and ‘mentoring’

Just recently I’ve taken on a mentor for marketing my books, he doesn’t know it as I’m using a website, but it’s there, and every few days I check into the site to learn a new skill or set something up, but each step is mentored as each step I get clear instructions on what to do and what not to do. I leave feedback at times on what works and what doesn’t, that way we both learn, and we both grow from the process.

So what about you? Are you using a ‘Mentor’?

By the way, they don’t have to be Human, or alive to be a mentor, they can also be a book, take a look at one of my biggest mentors above.

Leave a thought.

via Daily Prompt: Mentor

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