Breaking the mold

I just read a comment that sparked a thought, something I was struggling with as I tried to think about what to write as a post this morning, and I was pretty stunned by the simplicity of the thought.

The thought was pretty basic really. The guy was Hal Elrond, and at the beginning of his book, ‘Miracle morning’

(Just want to say hello)

He said that when we were little we were pretty much told we ‘could be anyone, or anything we wanted’

My first thought was ‘he obviously didn’t grow up where I did’! For us, life was set out before we came along.

Born, school, factory (or office) marriage, kids, retirement and ‘final curtain’ (as ole blue eyes once sang) was our path, or that’s what I was told.

Then I realised something, see I ‘broke the mold’ and I did it without realising!

You see, I’ve always been one who sorts out what I can achieve, then pushes one step beyond, and if I think that steps coming too easy, then I re-sight and aim further out!

Has it worked, well it got me a diploma from one of the most prestigious universities in the world (Cambridge university) and the equivalent of a degree from Sheffiels university just for starters, so does it work? Yeah, I can vouch it does, but it takes work, and time, by the way, I highly recommend that book I mentioned earlier.

Bye for now

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