Words not to listen to

Does that sound a strange title? It does to me! but you know something, just as it’s important to listen to certain things, there are also times when it’s really best not to listen!

Okay, that doesn’t mean that when the wife or partner is wanting your attention that it’s okay to ‘turn off’, that’s not what I mean, and it’s 100% sure a time to actually listen, but there are times when we really shouldn’t listen.

“You’re so useless”

Ever hear those words? I did at times, I didn’t listen then, and as sure as hell I’m not going to now! but how many of us did take them ‘onboard’ without intending to?

“You’ll never make it!”

I heard that a lot, in a number of ways, there were times when I listened, and times when I said: “Screw you, I’m going to make it!”

Earlier today I was listening to a podcast by an ex-Navy┬áSEAL, who also happened to be an Admiral, so maybe he knows what he’s talking about. One thing he said was that SEALS when they do their training. They go through a week called “Hell week” where they have to do long-distance swimming.


In that week the instructors take great delight in telling them about the sharks they’re going to have to face in the water, and they tell them the only way through is to face the shark, and don’t back down, if he comes too close, then punch him right on the nose, he’ll move off, because you aren’t the easy prey he wants!

The sharks of this world are looking for ‘easy prey’ so stand firm, punch them in the nose and say ‘Screw you, I am going to make it!”

And let’s change our world for the better by getting rid of the ‘sharks’ or at least our fear of them.

They say, “If you want to change the world, then judge a person by the size of his heart, not the size of his flippers”

What about you? are you going to ‘make it’?

Darn right you are! Just keep pushing on, and give the ‘sharks’ the occasional ‘black eye’

Think on that one.

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Breaking the mold

I just read a comment that sparked a thought, something I was struggling with as I tried to think about what to write as a post this morning, and I was pretty stunned by the simplicity of the thought.

The thought was pretty basic really. The guy was Hal Elrond, and at the beginning of his book, ‘Miracle morning’

(Just want to say hello)

He said that when we were little we were pretty much told we ‘could be anyone, or anything we wanted’

My first thought was ‘he obviously didn’t grow up where I did’! For us, life was set out before we came along.

Born, school, factory (or office) marriage, kids, retirement and ‘final curtain’ (as ole blue eyes once sang) was our path, or that’s what I was told.

Then I realised something, see I ‘broke the mold’ and I did it without realising!

You see, I’ve always been one who sorts out what I can achieve, then pushes one step beyond, and if I think that steps coming too easy, then I re-sight and aim further out!

Has it worked, well it got me a diploma from one of the most prestigious universities in the world (Cambridge university) and the equivalent of a degree from Sheffiels university just for starters, so does it work? Yeah, I can vouch it does, but it takes work, and time, by the way, I highly recommend that book I mentioned earlier.

Bye for now

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Busy Lives

Busy lives.

We all lead them right? Up early, out the door, sometimes struggling to even get breakfast in. ‘Noses to the grind’ as it were, just not enough time in the day!

I’ve got to admit, there have been days when I seriously thought of asking the Good Lord why he didn’t make an extra hour in the day or an extra day in the week, but it appears he knows better than me, and he knows if he did, I’d fill it, probably with more ‘junk’ and within weeks I’d be back to where I was before, full day, not satisfied with the amount done, and pushing the limits. That sound familiar?

Well, I’ve got some good news for you, God’s not gonna listen to that request for ‘more time in the day’

But he might listen to someone saying “Lord, help me get the most out of today, and help me be satisfied with what I do get done”

What do you think? Is that a good idea?