‘Finding the time Part 2’

Last week we talked a little about what I did to find the time to write my first Novel. To me, at the moment it sounds a bit as if I’m ‘blowing my own trumpet’ and I suppose I am, but the real reason I’m writing this way, is to try and show what “thinking outside the box” might look like.

Not the same for everyone I know, but truth is, if you have something you really want to make happen, then you’ll find a way right?

How badly do you want the dream?

So, the intent here, is to tell you what I did, and maybe then it’ll get you to thinking “what can I do differently?”

As I said before, I discovered that writing that early in the morning meant my ‘boy’ didn’t get a walk, and he was getting grumpy! Ever thought a dog could get grumpy? How about disobedient? It takes three or four attempts to get attention, and then it’s only given ‘grudgingly’! That was Barney.

As soon as the walks started again, and he realised they were going to be regular, the mood improved, but the writing didn’t!



It’s amazing how ‘bossy’ they can be!

That had stopped, but then my beloved told me a bit about Google docs.

Before we go any further, I’ll point out Google docs is a free program you can load onto your computer and phone, it allows you to sit and write anywhere, at any time and stores the document in ‘The cloud’, it even ‘syncs’ your devices so that what you write on one is available on the other (password protected)

What about Privacy?

Okay, about now there’s a few of you beginning to rise out of the chair to start the ritual ‘Jumping up and down’ and going on about privacy and the fact that ‘online stuff’ isn’t all that ‘secure’ but the truth is, don’t put any stuff you don’t want shared on there! And if you do lose it, you can always ask the National Security Agency (or GCHQ if you’re British) for their copies!!!

Don’t laugh at that, I do know of one guy who did that with the KGB and got every email he’d ever sent, as well as every fax!!!

Here’s the Novel that was produced, take a look.


Anyway, the result is that it doesn’t matter where I am, as soon as I’ve got a break, out comes the phone, you know, the one I now use as a writing pad, and away I go, tapping away at the latest story!

The result was a 73,000 novel produced in just over nine months, I’ll let you be the judge of how good the story is.

That’s all for this week, but leave a comment, and let me know what you think.



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