‘Finding the time?’ Part 1

Finding time?

It’s interesting that I chose to start writing this post at the start of a week that’s been really busy and I didn’t actually have the time to sit and post the article, but I did find the time to actually write it!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll spend some time talking through some of the things I’ve done over the years to ‘find the time’ to write, and why it’s been important for me.


Ask yourself, “What’s important to me? what, or whom do I need to find time for?”

It’s one thing I’ve always struggled with, so many things I want to do, so many projects I seem to start, but they fall by the wayside, usually killed off by one little thing, I run  out of time to do them!

Writing a book, any book is a pretty major commitment. I mean first you need an idea, then need to start working that idea out. Kind of developing the original into something you can work with.

Research is important, it’s no use having your characters doing things you have no idea what it involves, sorry but it’s gonna show!

All these things take time right?

So, if I’m working a full time job, how is that gonna happen? I mean job, family and stuff, where’s the time for the things I want to do?

That’s the struggle I had, a few times, actually more than a few, I’d start a manuscript in the holidays, get part way through, then have to go back to work, and before I realised it, six months had passed and I had no clue why I started the project!

Last year, I decided to change it a bit, I really wanted to write the story, and I’d just got a laptop, the only time I could write was early morning, around five am!!

Hey, if you want something had enough, you’ll find a way!

That’s what I did, half an hour every morning, maybe two hundred to two fifty words, pretty soon I had a 47,000 word novella that I’m proud of.

That took six months!

Here’s the result, take a look.

And I was bitten, but exhausted, also my dog Barney hadn’t had a walk for so long, it was time to change the way this was were done!

All it took was a little planning.

What that meant, you’ll have to tune in next week.


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