My wife and daughter were having a debate the other day, they were debating the meaning of the word ‘Gravity’.

One said “it’s the attractive force created when an object spins fast enough to pull things into itself” basically just like the earth does in spinning and keeping us ‘on Terra firma’

The other said it was a description of an emotion or response to a situation, like in ‘the gravity of the situation’ and the debate went from there.

Both were adamant, their view was right, according to the dictionary, and the other wasn’t!

I’m bringing this up as it’s something pretty important, not just regards writing, but with life in general. Two people, looking at the same information, seeing exactly the same thing, yet drawing a different meaning.

By the way, when we turned to the dictionary, both meanings were present, and given equal prominence, so, both were right, but not totally!

It’s the same with writing, look at a blank page, or computer screen, some will see a story of some kind, others see that article they’ve been wanting to write, others still, a poem, but it’s all writing, and it’s all creative in some way.

Writing is a great way of being creative, so let’s not worry so much about the ‘type’, let’s just get on And enjoy the craft.

Have a think on that one.



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