A pencil in God’s Hand

“I’m just a pencil in the hands of God”
This is a special week, a week when a life well lived was celebrated. Twenty years after the person departed this terrestrial ball, but a life that still impacts us today!
This week the Catholic Church celebrated Mother Theresa by ‘canonizing’ her and making her into a ‘Saint’
Think about it for a moment, one obscure nun living in a small convent in one of the slums of India, yet hers was a life that touched billions.
“I’m just a pencil in the hands of God” was often the way she’d describe herself.
Okay, apart from the reference to being a ‘pencil’ what’s it got to do with writing? Actually, for me, it’s got everything to do with it! It’s not just the love of writing, and the desire to be a ‘writer’ that keeps me going at this, but also the thought of ‘making a difference’ that really drives me.
I want my writing not just to entertain, (that in itself is a great goal) but to encourage, to inspire and hopefully to motivate people to reach beyond themselves, to become ‘pencils in the hand of God’ and write his love on the hearts of those who need it, in other words, in on the hearts of all of us.
I actually started this blog nearly a week ago but it just didn’t seem the right time to post, but now, I’m sat here at the computer and it just seems the right time to finish off.
I suppose I’ve always been one of these ‘idealists’ that wanted their life to ‘make a difference’, to help shape the world we live in and leave it a better place than when I arrived, is that too much do you think?
Mother Theresa was so special because she believed in the dignity of every Human being, no matter how poor and destitute they were, to her they all had dignity.
I too want to be that ‘pencil in his hands’ and write the things that bring us closer to him as well as closer to each other.