An interesting perspective

“Writing is like breathing”
I’ve been trying to come up with some ‘inspiring’ thought to share on my blog all weekend, and now, just as the weekend is coming to a close the ‘MUSE’ has finally shown up giving me an idea what to write!
Actually it’s because I’ve just watched an interview by one of the greats of New Zealand literature, Joy.Cowley. she’s 80 this year and still writing!
As she was speaking she was basically saying “a writer writes because they can’t not write” it’s like a Human needs oxygen to breathe and a writer needs to write, we can’t help it!
Another thing she said was “The person who said you only live once has never read a book!”
The idea behind that one was that as we read a book it’s as if we take on the ‘lives’ of the people in that book, and for a few brief moments, as we’re reading we ‘become them!’
So how about it, do you take people to another ‘level’ or realm with the writing? It’s a great thing to aim for.
Just after the interview was another one about a young skateboarder making it big in the USA, she’s only 16 and although her Mum was terrified of some of the stunts etc Mum  said “it’s like a drug, she can’t go more than a couple of days without skating or she gets grouchy”
That got me thinking, “do I get grouchy if I don’t write?”
I know for me it starts to feel like a dam being blocked up, the sluice gates closed and pressure building, opening those gates gives life and power to a dry land, that’s what writing to me!
How about you?

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