They say there are only three constants in life. They are death, taxes and change! It’s the last one I want to think on at the moment as the first happens to us all eventually and I only know one man alive who hasn’t paid tax in thirty years and he’s running for president of the country where he hasn’t paid tax! (But he has paid an army of lawyers and tax accountants so maybe it’d be cheaper just to pay the tax?)
                   People talk about changes as if they’re a ‘necessary evil’ to be endured, but is that a good way to look at them?
                    We know they happen, so what about getting prepared for them and not just ‘enduring’ but pushing forward and even (dare I say it) helping shape those changes?
Sounds strange right? But it’s true, take a moment to think about what you want, then have a think about what it’s going to take to get there, then make whatever changes are needed.
                     For me, those changes at times have taken me across lands and to some very different cultures, I’ve had the choice of ‘grin and bear it’ and at times that’s what I did, but there’s also been the option to not just embrace the change, but take the time to ‘shape the change’
                     One phrase that I used to hear a lot, and one that I’ve sought to try and live by is that in this world there’s three types of people.
  1. Those in the news. Things happen to them and they often don’t know why. They don’t always understand it, sometimes we think of these folks as being the ‘perpetual victim’ as they aren’t in control.
  2. Those who watch the news. They see stuff happening, but it’s always to someone else and it doesn’t really affect them! The world is full of these folks, the spectators, those who sit and watch life slip by then one day they wake up and it’s too late, life has gone by and they missed their dream. They’re now at the end and no one knows who they were!
  3. Those who make the news! These are the people who make a difference with their lives, think of any well known person and you’ll come across a ‘news-maker’ but the great thing is not all of them are famous! Think of the people making a real difference in your community, they’re the news-makers and their impact is huge. They not only embraced change, they’re leading the way!

“If you always do what you’ve always done then you’ll always get what you’ve always got”

So what about you? which one are you? I know which one I want to be, I’ve wanted it since I was a teenager and I’ll never stop being that idealist, I’ll never stop chasing that want to be one who makes a difference, it’s just the way I make the difference might change!

Part of my dream


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