‘One brick at a time’

Okay, so we’ve got a dream, and we’ve decided we’re going to actually “do something about it” but how?

How do we take that idea and turn it into a reality?
A couple of years ago I was working in a stores for a vehicle manufacturer, it was a job I hated, but hey it was a job and it paid the bills (sort of).
We’d take a basic cab and chassis in the space of a month the lads there would turn that basic frame into a fully functional Ambulance, here’s how they did it, ONE PIECE AT A TIME!
Simple right?
Start at the beginning and work ‘one piece at a time!’ but which one’s the first piece?
With the Ambulances it was the floor, but they also needed screws, glue and the plywood.
It’s like that with our dreams, to build them we’re going to need the basics, and preferably someone who’s built an Ambulance before! Someone to guide us through the first steps.
How about a writing course? A good one will take you through those first steps.
Actually I was just listening to a YouTube video clip that talks about one of the first building bricks of building that dream is to actually ‘dream’ it. To get out there and actually start doing things as if you belonged in that area.
My dream is to be a writer! I’d love to be one that have to work for a living, but maybe the place to start isn’t the stopping of work but the getting out there and practicing the craft and who knows maybe even ‘having a go’ and publishing
I know some of you reading this blog have already taken those ‘first steps’ but for you I’ve got a question too. What’s your next step? How’s your preparation going?
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