One of the main things that any writer has to deal with is where the inspiration comes from? Ask any writer every one witl, give you a different answer!

For me, I think the best way to deal with that question is to tell you a bit about the story I’m writing at the moment, maybe that’ll help.

The inspiration actually comes from a few things, firstly many years ago I was visiting Central Asia (Kazakhstan) and went out for a walk with one of the folks I was staying with, we were just outside Almaty and walking along a country lane, it was about six years after the Iron curtain came down and ‘interesting things’ were happening in the region.

We came round a corner and saw this monstrous house with men carrying Uzi’s and Ingrams machine guns, we managed to stay out of sight, but quickly realized the house belonged to the Russian Mafia, the serious ruthless gangs that were taking over the criminal underworld at the time. That stuck with me for a while and a few years later when I was writing a short story I remembered that and it kind of got hinted at in a short story, the story went down well and I think the tutor said it would make a ‘passable’ beginning to a novel.

Fast forward a few more years and a couple of attempts and the story kind of changed from taking place in Central Asia to Kurdistan, an area I do know really well as I spent three years there in the Iraqi side (probably explains why the Kurds come off well in the story).

The big sifference is I’ve now got a plan for how I’m going to get it into print using Amazon’s ‘CreateSpace’ and Kindle so that it’s going to be on Kindle as an eBook as well.

The Story will probably be out around the end of July, so hang in there and plan for reading it then, or visit my sites on ‘Hubpages’ and read some of the installments.

Here it is


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